Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

A Bright Smile! Initial Impressions last! A bright smile will build a distinction and provides you the edge. you’ll be able to produce a long-lasting impression with a assured smile. Teeth whitening treatments are accessible at Healthway Dental group.

Some causes of stains and tooth discolouration
· Stains from coffee, tea, colas or wine
· Smoking
· Tetracycline medication stains
· Tobacco
· Poor oral hygiene
· Dentin cutting because of old age
· Trauma
· Decay
· Heredity factors
· Medication. Example: tetracycline.

Some stains might not be able to be removed by bleaching.
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Teeth Whitening Services :
Dentist supervised Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit

For the take home teeth whitening kit, bleaching is completed at your convenience.
Our dental practitioner can supervise to custom build your bleaching tray per the mould of your teeth. The take home teeth whitening kit are going to be supplied with syringes and bleaching gel. directions will be given to the patient within the application and usage of the bleaching gel and tray.

In-Clinic Chairside Teeth Whitening

Bleaching is administered with the patient seated on the dental chair. In most cases, a satisfactory result will be achieved in one treatment visit and thus offers convenience to those with busy schedules or who want to attain results in a short time. This methodology is sometimes additional expensive than the dentist supervised home bleaching technique.

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