Braces Treatment


Braces Treatment (Orthodontics Treatment)

What is Braces?

Orthodontics is the study and treatment of malocclusion and improper bites. This can be due to teeth irregularities, alignment, sizing, shape, disproportionate jaw or a combination of the mentioned. Treatment ranges from focusing on dental irregularities to face jaw related. This can be done by modifying facial growth or correcting the size and shape of the jaws. The aim is to improve the aesthetics of the smile, face and functionally improve your lifestyle and bite.

Types of braces:

* Lingual braces
* Self ligating braces
* Invisalign®
* Invisalign® Teen
* Ceramic brackets
* Traditional braces

Regular aligned teeth contributes to:

* a confident appearance
* improved self esteem
* easier maintenance and less prone to injury

Why braces?

Having a perfect smile is important. A perfect smile will increase your self confidence which may help personal development. Speak to our dentists and orthodontists and they shall recommend the type of braces best suited to your lifestyle and budget.

Progressive payment plans are available. Should you wish to know an estimate of the costs involved, do contact our clinic today!


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