Routine Dental Checkup

Routine Dental Checkup


It is recommended that you visit your dentist at least twice each year for a routine dental checkup.

At your checkup, we will inspect your soft tissues and your overall oral health. For instance, left untreated, a small cavity can grow to destroy an entire tooth and spread to surrounding teeth.

The dentist will also look at each tooth in your mouth to assess problems like tooth decay or cracks (cracked tooth can cause pain or break off and create additional problems), as well as old dental work.

Sometimes old dental work wears out and needs to be replaced. We will be happy to replace metal fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns with tooth-colored alternatives.

Advanced gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss for most adults and if caught and treated early, these diseases can be controlled.

If you have not done your checkup lately, be sure to call us now to make your appointment! Children as young as two should visit the dentist, and by age four or five, a child should attend regular checkups.

We understand how at times simple dental check-up is nerve-wreaking. If this is the case, all the more you should visit your dentist regularly to avoid invasive dental treatment due to you prolonging your dental check-ups.

Your dentist will do through dental examination so that we if there is any dental problem to be address, he will be able to discuss it with you and provide you with the best and minimal invasive treatments.

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